Kevin Feige Updates on Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thanos, Ant-Man, TV Shows and Doctor Strange


Marvel president Kevin Feige was in Barcelona this week to present a substantial amount of footage from Guardians Of The Galaxy at the CineEurope Europe event in Barcelona.

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-Foxtrot1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

" but he's a very key Marvel character: he's a key Avenger. "

Yet he wasn't a founding member in the films and your using Scott Lang instead of Hank Pym....hmmmmm

They could of just Hank Pym and reveal to the audience that he secretly helped Nick Fury with the Avengers program. It wouldn't be hard.

Secretcity1493d ago

If Marvel is going to stumble, I don't think it will be with any of these movies.