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SRN: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review

SonyRumors: Excerpts from Joel Dale:

"There’s a ton, and I mean a TON, of detail in the animation. Leather looks like leather, fur looks like fur, hair looks like hair, metal looks like metal. It’s almost jarring that something so real is placed onto characters who are so decidedly not real. Imagine a stuffed animal with a real pelt."

"How to Train Your Dragon 2 is non-bad. And they do a whole lot of non-bad in 102 minutes (as much as genocide is non-bad). It’spossibly 360 minutes of movie in 102 minutes"

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bebitech1489d ago

Awesome, a unique take as always.

allegrissima1488d ago

While not on the caliber of Pixar, I liked the film. Funny review btw.