Robert Downey Jr. Wraps Age of Ultron?


Is Iron Man already done filming Avengers 2, even though Joss Whedon says he's just hit the halfway mark on shooting?

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Crazay1733d ago

Ya it seems like a pretty early exit to me too. Maybe he really is done after this one.

darklordzor1733d ago

I don't know. Movie productions schedule their scenes around what actors are needed and when. If RDJ was shooting constantly or almost every other day since February (when production fully started), then he'd still be in a lot of the damn film. Not to mention that several Iron Man scenes are totally CGI and only need his voice instead of him.

Crazay1732d ago

True enough DLZ but it feels like that if he's done already for this movie, that perhaps his role is much smaller than I would have thought.

Porcelain_Chicken1732d ago

Not really. Movies actually film pretty quickly. 300 was filmed entirely in 2-3 months. Took a year to add all the cgi though lol. The first Saw was filmed in 18 days. Most movies aren't filmed in cronological order so chances are they filmed all of his scenes first.

aDDicteD1732d ago

his role is obviously prominent, i think he is already finished doing his shots is because they prioritized him and his scenes and adjusted to his schedules. movie scenes are randomly filmed depending on the scenes, the actors schedule especially if he is an a lister, the location if it is in the US or in abroad would also be a consideration for the scheduling of scenes, and im sure avengers would have different places to films.

CannonB81731d ago

It's probably more to do with the fact that his Armour scenes will be CGI and the only time we'll see him will be with his visor-cam. And that kind of stuff can be churned out in a few days.
Because of the size of the ensemble cast, his actual Tony Stark scenes won't be that many.

wannabe gamer1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

he probably had some other project to do so they filmed his parts first is all. even if Iron Man is in the movie 70% of the time as a huge role it doesn't matter cause if hes in his suit then all they need from Downey is some voice acting and some shots of his face. when he isn't out of the suit he is essentially just a talking head and doesn't even need be in wardrobe