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When Could We See the First ‘Star Wars Episode 7′ Trailer?

From Slashfilm:

Disclaimer: This is not a news report, this is a bit of researched fan speculation based on a fun conversation I had at a dinner over the weekend. I’m way too excited for Episode VII, I know…

Okay Star Wars fans, we’re just under 550 days until Star Wars: Episode VII hits the big screen — the anticipation is killing me! Over the weekend, a couple friends wondered out loud when we might see the first Star Wars Episode 7 trailer. So lets take a look at the varied possibilities and briefly examine how movie marketing works.

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RetrospectRealm1488d ago

Dumb article. The trailer is literally a year away. Shouldn't even be talking about that. More like "When will we know the title?"

darklordzor1488d ago

I disagree, the article is more an examination of current studio marketing techniques and a fun "speculation" article about which tactic Disney/Lucasfilm will take.

I enjoy speculative articles, and it's part of what makes sites like that fun, instead of just news headline after headline.

sjaakiejj1486d ago

I'd imagine there's a chance the teaser appears before Interstellar. It'd be a year ahead of the film's release, and attached to a film with a similar audience.

It'd be similar to the way Super 8 was marketed.

alycakes1484d ago

That's how you learn and build up your anticipation. I start to look forward to certain movies more and more by reading some of these articles. Some movies I have waited more than a year for and time just goes by so fast.