Top 5 Reasons Why Transformers Isn't So Bad

Transformers is a movie that comes out every couple of years and makes tons of money and pleases tons of audiences, but unfortunately the film undergoes a tremendous amount of scrutiny. The reason is because once upon a time, one person said: "Hey! Michael Bay is stupid, he just likes explosions" and since that day just about everybody on the internet has followed this opinion like a bunch of Sims.

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Soldierone1429d ago

It's "film people" that started it. Every year in film school the professors and public speakers we had would all use Michael Bay as an example of "what not to do" because his movies "don't follow formula"

Yet here he is making millions and they are stuck teaching at a school.....following formula..... makes sense.

Movies are just as much entertainment as they are "art," and some people can't grasp that idea. Transformers is entertaining, what else do I pay for 2 hours?

SilentNegotiator1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Lots of people disagree that Transformers is entertaining.

Soldierone1429d ago

Well based off numbers and the fact he gets to keep making the movies, I'd say a lot more people agree that it is entertaining. haha

If people don't like it, then stop going to see it. Hollywood follows simple economics, less money means no more will be made. Yet people still line up out the door for it.

SilentNegotiator1429d ago

But to blame film professors for people that don't like Transformers....ridiculous.

Soldierone1428d ago

Not professors, "film people" aka people that think they know ends all to making a "good movie" according to formula, yet haven't done anything by following it.

You can be taught formula, doesn't mean you need to follow it to a T. Like Michal Bay does.

Blacktric1429d ago

"because his movies "don't follow formula""

You must be joking. If anything his movies follow the formula to the nigh.

"Transformers is entertaining"

Completely subjective. Not everyone is entertained by the idea of seeing a movie that takes the viewer for a brain damaged 5 year old. And by the way; don't bother comparing Transformers to good old shlocks of the 80s.

Soldierone1428d ago

They don't. Perfect example, you don't see the main villain in the first Transformers until the last half of the movie. "Formula" would be to introduce him much sooner.

But why bother explaining it, people seem to get all angry when you say anything positive about Transformers lol

Blacktric1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

" you don't see the main villain in the first Transformers until the last half of the movie."

How is "not revealing the main antagonist at the beginning of the movie" isn't following "the formula"? They give you a rundown on the main faction the "heroes" will be fighting. Hell, even if you count it that way, there are still more cliche tropes shoved in than the ones that aren't. That's the whole reason these movies are successful. They play it safe. Look at the second movie where Prime dies. They immediately bring him back at the end of the movie instead of doing something different or letting it sit with the viewer.

But why bother explaining it, contrarians seem to get all angry when you point out what's wrong with these brain dead movies lel xP