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22 Jump Street (2014) Review | FilmGamesEtc

The newly rebooted Jump Street franchise is back, this time with a bigger budget and higher expectations, a fact that the movie itself won’t let you forget. The boys are now tasked with enrolling into an educational institution (this time college) under the same aliases from the last film in order to find the dealer of a new synthetic drug so that they might apprehend the supplier. It is beat for beat the same plot as the first movie but the end result is something that skews differently while simultaneously poking fun not only at itself and its newly acquired franchise status but at all buddy cops movies. It even takes the time to poke fun at the cliches and tropes of the romantic movie genre by framing it within Schmidt and Jenko’s onscreen bromance. This is undeniably more of the same Jump Street but filtered through a highly self aware grinder of meta-humor. Is more of the same a good thing or has the franchise exhausted itself already?

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