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Batman: Assault On Arkham Clip Featuring The Joker

CB: Today’s new episode of “DC All Access” revealed a brand new clip from the upcoming animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.

The scene shows the Joker having a conversation with…himself. Assault on Arkham takes place in the same universe as the Batman Arkham video game series, between the events of Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum. The Joker is pining after Harley Quinn, who has been recruited into Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad and sent on a mission to break into Arkham Asylum. During an earlier scene, Harley humiliated the Joker and made it clear that she was through with him, but the Joker discovers that Harley may be up to something.

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CaptainYesterday1489d ago

Not a fan of the art style Joker looks weird, this will always be my favourite Joker