TVF Major Crimes Review: Sometimes They Change

Another week, another hour for Raymond Cruz to shine in his portrayal of Julio Sanchez.

We're delving deeper into his character than ever before, and in Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 2 a case he worked 17 years earlier is opened when a convicted killer gets early release on parole.

The discovery that the wrong man was convicted and sent away almost proves too much for Sanchez, but he finds a way to atone for what he considers his personal responsibility.

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alycakes1495d ago

This was an eye opener for Sanchez and he will probably need to go to anger management some day but for now he's just had enough of so much injustice....I can't say I blame him!

As for Rusty's mom...she's not going to make it. She will leave rehab as soon as she can and disappear again.