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For Fox, Much Is Riding on 3 Sequels to ‘Avatar’

From NYT:

Like the deep-sea craft James Cameron used to dive nearly seven miles down in the Pacific, the long-awaited screenplays for his three sequels to “Avatar” will soon pop to the surface, probably within weeks.

Mr. Cameron, an avid adventurer as well as one of Hollywood’s most successful directors, has been working for much of the last several years on the “Avatar” films, when he was not indulging his other passion and exploring the deepest parts of the ocean.

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darklordzor1490d ago

Nice to hear something official, even if it's just confirmation on which writer is working on which film. I really enjoyed Avatar, but the longer it's been, the more I'm starting to wonder if we need a sequel. Not that I'm opposed to one, but the initial feeling is gone for me, and I feel it tells a good enough story on it's own, without needing more added.