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A Jurassic World Dinosaur Goes 3D at Licensing Expo 2014

From CS:

One of Jurassic Park's most memorable characters is making a 3D appearance at this year's Licensing Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Although the show floor won't open until tomorrow morning, is already on the scene and managed to snap the below images of a Jurassic World theatrical standee, featuring the franchise's iconic T. Rex.

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darklordzor1496d ago

I love these type of stands at theaters, and they're fun to see in person. Glad to see that the T-Rex is still getting some attention with this film (unlike JP3).

Crazay1496d ago

WOuld that not look amazing on the wall in your mancave? I want!!!

darklordzor1496d ago

Yes, this would be mighty badass to have hanging on the wall, but there's also a very good chance I'd have to take it down for scaring the crap out of me too many times.

I mean, imagine taking a nap in said man cave and waking up groggy to see that coming at you!

aDDicteD1495d ago

amazing. these kind of stands will help boost sales. if only i can purchase them to mount it at the wall of my room.