Resident Evil 6 Updates: Tentatively Titled Resident: The Final Chapter, Planned as the Last Film


Though you’re no doubt aware of the Resident Evil film series’ existence, what you may not know is that the franchise—which takes place in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and follows Milla Jovovich’s Alice as she takes on the shady Umbrella organization—is actually one of the most successful video game adaptations ever made. After the release of the first film in 2002, the following three sequels each grossed more than their predecessor, topping out at nearly $300 million for Resident Evil: Afterlife. Though the last installment, Residence Evil: Retribution, fell about $50 million short of Afterlife, it still raked in an impressive $240 million worldwide. Fans have been eager for information regarding the next film—including whether it might be the last—and now we have some revealing updates about Resident Evil 6 to share straight from director/franchise godfather Paul W.S. Anderson.

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-Foxtrot1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Thank God...the films are terrible. Paul W.S Anderson arrogance over these films is ridiculous at times

Maybe after this we can get a proper RE film

alycakes1496d ago

I happen to like them just to watch for fun. The character Alice if fun to watch doing her fight scenes. I don't think the last 2 were as good and the first 3 but still entertaining for action movies. They aren't suppose to be anything but fun zombie action movies and that's what they are.