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Arrow Star Stephen Amell: "The Guy We Met in Season One -- That's Not Green Arrow"

Appearing at a panel with his Arrow co-star Caity Lotz this weekend at the Denver Comic Con, series star Stephen Amell addressed one of the most persistent questions that dogs the series among hardcore comics fans: Where did the word "Green" go?

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-Foxtrot1493d ago

This is why I can't get into Arrow, it's probably an alright show for those who haven't read the comics but for someone like me who has, I can't get over all the changes they've made to show and characters....for me it's not a Green Arrow adaptation, it's just a show using elements from the comic.

I would preferred a real Green Arrow adaptation.

Simon_Brezhnev1492d ago

You are Mr. Negative but i did like him as a killer more than this no kill mess.