TV Critics and Bloggers React to Gotham


FOX's Gotham pilot screened last night in Los Angeles and New York for various outlets. Click here to find out what folks from the Los Angeles Times, the AP, HitFix and more had to say!

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-Foxtrot1498d ago

How many times do we get TV Critics and Bloggers saying good things in articles such as this one, hyping us up then when we all watch it, it's either crap or average at best.

I'm sorry but the whole purpose of them getting to watch it early is so they can hype it up. I doubt they would be allowed to get sneak peeks and shown early footage if they come out and say it's crap.

calis1497d ago

That's why opinions differ.

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TD_hastetheday1496d ago

This kinda looks like a lame spinoff from Batman like 'Better Call Saul' is to Breaking Bad. I do hope I am wrong though.