Why Twin Peaks Should Get a Reboot

Few shows cast a wider shadow across the cult canon than Twin Peaks. From Doctor Who to The Killing to movies like Insidious (which is basically a low-rent, ninety minute Twin Peaks do-over) and The Conjuring, Twin Peaks remains influential decades after its cancellation. Strangely though, those who accept Laura Palmer’s invitation to revisit the show 25 years later will find that it’s not quite the masterpiece of horror television that they remember. Even though we’ve barely finished picking its carcass, Twin Peaks is already ready for a remake.

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Crazay1471d ago

I could get behind that

Simon_Brezhnev1471d ago

I tried to watch this couple months ago. I couldnt get into it had some very bad acting.

Crazay1471d ago

It was kinda of designed and made out to be schlocky on purpose.