Deadpool the Movie – Mischievous Marvel

Deadpool is proving to be the most difficult Marvel comic character to bring to the big screen. Uniquely quick-witted, outrageous and X-rated, he offers something divergent when viewed in the wider context of other super-hero franchises currently on offer. Where a re-boot of Daredevil or any new Ant Man film will play to the same audience as already established franchises like Iron Man or Captain America, a Deadpool film will attract a far more varied and alternative film-going public. If Iron Man was schizophrenic, Deadpool would be the voice in his head telling him to do the bad stuff – Deadpool is completely unstable, ill disciplined and emotionally volatile on a personal level. He is the Marvel character who tells the crude jokes and almost always treads the fine-line between being morally just and at the same time, displaying traits of an entirely immoral villain.

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