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20 Unappreciated Comedy Movies of the Past 30 Years

IhowtoDo: If you think that they don’t make any good quality comedy movies any mores then here is the list of 20 unappreciated comedy movies from the past 30 years for you that you have missed.

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G3NZ1495d ago

Bowfinger was one of the best comedy movie that time

Yi-Long1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I thought it was terrible. I actually saw it in the cinema with a bunch of friends. Funniest thing that happened during that movie were a bunch of annoying girls throwing popcorn at my friend, who warned them a couple of times to knock it off. They didn't, so suddenly he just flipped, grabbed a whole hand full of hard candies, jumped out of his seat and threw it at them. :D Freakin' hilarious. They stopped after that.

Anyway, back on-topic, we all hated Bowfinger. Steve Martin just wasn't funny, and TBH, neither was Murphy.

Office Space is pretty good, The Emperor's New Groove is fantastic. Probably the most underrated Disney movie ever, and the only good movie starring David Spade.

Deadpoolio1495d ago

Ewww are you high? Bowfinger was god awful in almost every single possible way...It's a film that should literally be killed with fire, there is nothing under appreciated about that turd of epic proportions