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Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode #05 – Closer Than Sisters Review | Fandom Post

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While Penny Dreadful is certainly moving at its own pace, I’m enjoying the way that it’s easing us into this world, teasing us slowly but surely to leave us wanting more. We’ve gotten to know the characters a fair bit, though not in great depth, but enough to understand how they work and what motivates them. And what helps to bring them together with an amusing and interesting supporting cast, from Fenton to our Egyptologist and even the madame who ran the seance. Add in a few others and the twists and turns with each of their arcs and it’s very easy to find something to latch onto, if not multiple somethings. Frankenstein does seem to really captivate the most though with what he’s up to and the performance given for the role so far.

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