Rumor: Simon Pegg Cast in Star Wars Episode VII

From IGN:

The shoot for Star Wars: Episode VII recently wrapped up in Abu Dhabi after a lot of fanfare, and as usual director JJ Abrams did his best to keep details of the productin highly secretive (despite some set photo leaks). We all know what the principal cast of the film looks like since it was officially announced in a press release last month, but is that all the actors in the film?

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darklordzor1502d ago

I'd be all for this if it turns out to be true...just not sure about the source. Seems kind of shaky to me. If anything, I could see it being a cameo (i.e. a junk dealer on Tatooine) but nothing major. Just sort of a fan nod.

TheSaint1501d ago

Would this be the first actor to play a role in Trek and Wars?

hazelamy1501d ago

he may well be, i certainly can't think of anybody else.

darklordzor1501d ago

Unless you count the R2-D2 cameos.

Hergula1501d ago

Not sure if that's a good idea considering that he already plays a character in another huge sci-fi series, Star Trek.