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Superheroes Lonely Movement Photos

A French photographer Benoit Lapray has captured the essence of being alone and loneliness of superheroes life. Benoit felt that they should be portrayed in nature instead of the hustle and bustle of the city. He uses a large variety of techniques to capture these fictional heroes while shooting these photos.

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saadd201496d ago

very interesting...they save the world yet are possibly the loneliest fiction at least.

dota2champion1494d ago

how is wolverine alone, he has the x-men to support him. Same goes for ironman, everyone knows he's ironman and he has a normal social life.

wannabe gamer1494d ago

there are times when ironman gets down in the dumps over being a leader and failing to work well with others. also wolverine has always been a lone soul. he has the x-men but he didnt exactly run into their open arms. hes been a loner more than he has been a teamplayer. gota remember he has lived a long long time and much of that was before the xmen were in the picture. his feral animal instincts have a lot to do with this side of him

Hergula1494d ago

Does not make sense to me, but that's just me... nice pics tho...