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Best Horror Films of 2014 So Far

Best Horror Movies says "Because the list of films you’re on the cusp of exploring is packed with purchase-worthy pictures. Every entry in this 15-feature list is exceptional to some degree."

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Hergula1497d ago

Nice list, includes a number of my favorite horror flicks of the year as well.

dota2champion1497d ago

godzilla is a horror film?

ironfist921497d ago

Ikr. Only scary thing about it was how little we got to see Godzilla.

MEsoJD1497d ago

It might as well be with the BS they put you through in that movie for little pay off.

KalBalboa1496d ago

I don't see The Creed on here.

gigoran1496d ago

a website that is named and supposedly specializing in horror movies, but puts godzilla on a horror movie list. makes them a complete failure. SCI FI, look it up!