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'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Trailer Debuts Via Elaborate Social Stunt

THR Live Feed:
"Who is the benefactor?" The cable network launched a scavenger hunt over the weekend to drum up fan engagement ahead of the June 23 premiere.

On Friday, MTV sent out a vague message, asking "Who is the benefactor?" across all social accounts, eventually leading fans to the nondescript website featuring a keyboard and blank lines. The task was relatively simple -- MTV didn't provide any directions or details, instead banking on Teen Wolf fans to start a conversation among themselves about the mystery. Participants were to compile 16 keywords, strategically placed across the Internet (clue destinations included, Tumblr posts dating back three years, cryptic castmember tweets and a 40-second promo), and submit them in the correct order to gain first access to the full season-four trailer. One of the most difficult clues, which were all vetted by Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis, was for the number "2436," derived from a phone number off a castmember selfie.

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