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Where To Find Them All Who Have Died In Game of Thrones Season 04

It’s actually very painful to see your favourite character die in your favourite television show. You spent weeks to get to know them, watch them and see their adventures and at the end when they die, it’s like losing a family member. Nobody can understand that pain nearly as well as those who watch Game of Thrones, which seems to kill off a beloved character every second week.

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Alxe1500d ago

The death of Prince Oberyn (Pedro Pascal) was unexpected ... dont know what happen with the IMP now.

1498d ago Replies(2)
TheSaint1498d ago

Oh ok, the capitalisation confused me.

windblowsagain1498d ago

Prince Oberyns death was brutal.

Alxe1498d ago

yes most brutal i ever seen.

JoyiusHammer1497d ago

One can only hope your mind gets blown as much as his did. :)