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Digital Home Entertainment to Exceed Physical by 2016, Study Finds


Box office and digital revenue will climb steadily over the next five years, but rentals and sales of DVDs and other discs will fall sharply, according to a report released Wednesday by PwC.

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gigoran1500d ago

Ahuh. But I still believe in having my own physical copy of what I purchase. If it's downloadable, fine. I get to keep that as long as my storage doesn't fail. But all this online purchase streaming and stuff... when the place or purchase ceases to be, my purchase goes along with it. Congratulations on being popular, but physical purchases better be here to stay.

Ninte1500d ago

Since I've owned my laptop two years now I have never used the cd drive and I sold the dvd player since my house hold hasn't used it for a few years. We watch cable and Australia and NZ will be finally be getting Netflix so that's going to bring competition.

StarWarsFan1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I'm more for physical copies. It just feels like you get something when you pay for it. But I think there's room for both digital and physical media. I will say I wish they'd commit fully to Blu-ray by really developing BD-Live further and truly phasing out DVD's with new releases.

Also, Blu-ray releases could really use a hand in creative packaging. Some just look like they were made cheaply: they have no simple chapter inserts, the discs have no art, the cases aren't amazing. Look at releases such as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises on Blu-ray. Those were great packages. And let's collectively admit 3D is just dead when it comes to home media. And this new gimmick of 4K discs is the next letdown. Just develop the current Blu-ray technology: its the perfect platform to expand on. We have Full HD; we don't need 300% of a perfect thing.