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Why Can't Robert Pattinson be Indiana Jones in a Reboot?

One of the rumors going around right now is that not only is a reboot of the Indiana Jones series coming, but it may also be starring Robert Pattinson as Dr. Jones himself. Here is what Fanboys Anonymous think about it.

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-Foxtrot1502d ago

Why? Because he's a crap actor...not just because he's that Twilight guy and totally dosen't fit with Indiana Jones at all

"who thinks the Indiana Jones series is massively overrated. It's an unpopular opinion"

Well then obviously you won't care about him being cast as you don't like the series as much as others..

Porcelain_Chicken1501d ago

I honestly think they should leave it alone. It's Harrison's role (literally was written for him). So unlike many characters, this isn't a character that can just be recast and it'll be accepted.

Robert would be wise not to take the role.

hipstermafia1502d ago

I'm gonna play devil's advocate and say give him a chance. Perhaps his lack of emotion will play in well to the stoic nature of Indiana Jones. I think if he packs on a little muscle and has the right direction we could see a good match!