The Walking Dead: A Huge Easter Egg We Missed


Throughout the season, we try to keep up with Easter eggs on AMC's The Walking Dead (and other comics-based TV series) and generally do a pretty good job. Between our own eyes and the help of social media and Reddit, it's rare that anything comes up weeks or months later and surprises us...but this time around, we have to admit being pretty impressed.

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Alxe1449d ago

LOlz..... really missed it... nice

Lord_Sloth1449d ago

I think you're reading waaaaay too much into the reuse of a prop.

Crazay1449d ago

Maybe, or, perhaps they've been scavenging and knew where to strategically place those signs

Soldierone1448d ago

If they were just re-using it, it wouldn't have been such a prominent figure. They would have dressed it up, or pushed it out of view.

Excalibur1448d ago

TWD website forum I chat on caught that straight away.

TheSaint1448d ago

I'm sure there are more than one similar umbrellas in the world.