Top Vampire Slayers All The Time

Vampires – The Blood Thirsty Demons, which appears at night in the search of Blood. For now Vampires are one of the greatest horror enemies in the movies as well as in TV serials. Here we are discussing the Top slayers of these Demons – The Vampire Slayers.

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hammad4121504d ago

i just love vampires :P

OSIRUSSS1504d ago

Vampire Hunter D. Then all the rest!

johny51503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

What about Alucard from Castlevania or Alucard from Hellsing?

The best human Vampire Hunter is probably Van Hellsing, Best Dampire or Halfbreed is between the three up top then there's Blade and Saya from blood the last vampire.

Although he mostly hunts demons, I would also throw in Dante too because he also hunts Vampires and has proven himself to be very dangerous to Vampire's as he's half demon himself!

Honorable mention: Kenshiro

He made an appearance in the first Vampire Hunter D and has also battled a Vampire in the Anime! If he ever became a Hunter, no doubt he would dominate!

OSIRUSSS1503d ago

Damn, I forgot about Alucard.

Alxe1503d ago

dont know about the old Van Helsing, but the new in 2004 is the best, as well as selena from underwworld.

My_Outer_Heaven1503d ago

Where was Buffy in that list? lol

Darrius Cole1503d ago

If I don't know anything about the situation other than that their are Vampires that need killing whom would I chose....????

I think I gotta roll with Buff.

I'd go, in order.

1) Buffy
2) the dupeal hunter (to you uninitiated, that would be Vampire Hunter D.
3) Van Helsing - He is a little before my time, but he is legend and he did face the Count Dracula himself, that counts for a whole lot.