Total Film | A Million Ways To Die In The West Review


“Everything out here that’s not you wants to kill you,” incompetent sheep-farmer Albert Stark complains to his friends, and – as you might guess from the title – Seth MacFarlane’s black-farce western sets out to demonstrate as much. During the course of the movie we see people gored to death by a bull, crushed by a huge block of ice, blown up by an exploding camera-flash, poisoned by snake venom – and of course, shot. Plus we get to hear a few gory anecdotes. “Our old schoolmarm,” Albert recalls, “got her throat slit by a fast-moving tumbleweed...”

From its opening shots of Monument Valley, with Joel McNeeley’s score cheerfully pastiching everything from Bonanza to The Big Country, it’s evident that with his second feature (after 2012’s Ted) MacFarlane’s set out to crap on the entire sagebrush canon from a great height.

‘Crap’ being the operative word – this being MacFarlane, scatological jokes abound. As do sex jokes: one running gag concerns Albert’s friend Edward (G...

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