Sony In Talks With Jordan Vogt-Roberts To Helm ‘Metal Gear Solid’


Sony is finally getting it in gear on Metal Gear Solid, the live-action feature based on the top-selling video game. The studio is in early talks with Jordan Vogt-Roberts to come aboard and direct the film.

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-Foxtrot1482d ago

Jordan Vogt-Roberts? He hasn't really done anything memorable or anything for us to go "Oh yeah he'll make a good director for MGS...BECAUSE"

Personally I think they should let this one go. You know what Kojima is like, if it has faults, even small ones he won't like it.

Soldierone1481d ago

Not to be mean to the guy, but he has mostly done smaller comedy style stuff.

That to me just proves Hollywood still isn't giving proper love to video game based movies....

I already know they will screw this movie up, I'm just hoping it doesn't turn into Resident Evil where it keeps getting crappy movie after crappy movie.... instead I want it to reboot and be done properly when they realize video games can make them money.