Robert Pattinson Tipped be the Next Indiana Jones

Daily Star

The 28-year-old British hunk – dubbed R-Patz by fans – tops a shortlist of young actors being drawn up by Disney to replace wrinkly Harrison Ford.

Hollywood sources claim 71-year-old Ford is now getting too old to play the whip-cracking action hero.

He is also committed to filming the new Star Wars movies.

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-Foxtrot1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Yeah great choice....if you want nobody to watch it except for teenage girls still obsessed over Twilight


Crazay1508d ago

I also concur with this assessment.

-Foxtrot1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Either get Michael Fassbender or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Porcelain_Chicken1508d ago

Nikolaj would be f**king awesome!! Although the man is 43. A recast after 2 flicks would be inevitable :(

But he definitely has the chops and looks to pull it off. Can't see Fassbender.

RetrospectRealm1508d ago

Seems out of the ordinary to cast him. But if he's leading the running I'm sure he's good.

Porcelain_Chicken1508d ago

Yeah he never struck me as the Indy type. The guy gets alot of crap over the Twilight flicks but quite frankly he's the only one in those movies than can actually act. And everybody has to start at the bottom. I don't love this choice but if he gets the job i hope he nails it!

And for christs sake Rob eat a friggin cheeseburger every once in a while you boney, sparkly, ______ (Add funny insult here).

ironfist921508d ago

And suddenly, Shia LaBeouf as the successor to Indiana Jones wasnt such a bad idea...

TheSaint1508d ago

'Indiana Jones and the mystery of the lame ass vampires.'


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The story is too old to be commented.