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How Much Thanos Will You See in Guardians of the Galaxy?


Few of Marvel's secret credits scenes have meant as much as the one that came halfway through the closing credits of The Avengers, where the silent, smirking supervillain Thanos was introduced. The purple-hued Mad Titan is one of Marvel's biggest bad guys, and his appearance seemed to portend two things for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: At some point, likely in the third Avengers film, Thanos will emerge from the cosmic shadows and fight all of Earth's mightiest heroes, but in the meantime, he'd be collecting the stones that power up his Infinity Gauntlet, a golden glove that Thanos used in a classic comic-book storyline to wipe out half the universe and nearly every superhero.

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aDDicteD1498d ago

the third installment of the avengers looks very grand. might easily rival the dark knight as the best comic book movie film of all time.