10 Most Goriest Deaths in Movie History

iHowtoDo: Here are 10 movies Gory scenes which take it to the next level and present us with death at its most brutal . There are some poignant deaths, some spectacular deaths, and mainly some pretty terrible deaths. But watch and enjoy them all , but .. be warned

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windblowsagain1506d ago

Watch the latest game of thrones.

At the end, ouch.

Johnny Jiron1506d ago

I mean I never read the books, but you just knew what was coming...however, I was NOT expecting it to be that horrifically brutal. They did not hold back one bit. Suppose thats what makes the show so damn amazing. The many unknowns.

Pogmathoin1506d ago

Yeah, still thinking WTF!!!!...... They really set you up for a shock with that..... Very graphic....

UltraNova1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

While I could see that arrogant psychotic, sexually challenged a-hole getting killed as a surprise spin I didn't expect that level of gore.

BUT, there's always a but, summing the whole episode up I can see why they decided to do that...nothing interesting happened for 45 out of 50mins ...I mean they had to give us something right?...and they've been doing the same thing for a long time now.

itisallaboutps1506d ago

It was so brutal. Because it was so demoralizing for a bad ass to die like that. Plus the scream really did for me. From his wife.

caseh1506d ago

I was about to suggest that. That one scene were the woman is following her imaginary son then falls...omg haha I wish I could find a clip of that.

Speed-Racer1506d ago

Yea, that's messed up! Also when you pause through the last scene where Laurence Fishburne gets a vision of what it's like to be in the other universe, there are some really effed up murders. The girl was impaled with maggots all over her body. One guy had his head rammed through a turret, another dude was crushed to death like a snake, but with barbed wire.

Shield1506d ago

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky