Will A Major Walking Dead Event Catch Comics Readers By Surprise?


The Walking Dead is currently in production on its fifth season. A lot has been made of the ending of season four and how the survivors will react in season five since Rick is fired up and ready for battle. However, with all the excitement of season five people tend to forget that The Walking Dead like to throw some heavy punched when it comes to character deaths.

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Crazay1453d ago


Unless....this means... We catch up to the comics

-Foxtrot1453d ago


Oh yeah thats right guys, get rid of another good character instead of someone we don't like

Stop killing off good characters and get rid of Carl instead. Nobody likes him.

He's becoming a bigger pain in the ass as the show goes on and him and his acting is whats bringing it down.

Crazay1453d ago

I honestly don't see it happening quite yet. for sure in season 6 though. I'm waiting for Darryl to be offed.

-Foxtrot1453d ago

It should of happened at the Prison last season, since Judith is still alive.

Rick should of walked over to see Judith's empty basket and Carl next to it shot. They would of had an emotional goodbye while he dies in Ricks arms. The Walkers get closer and it looks like Rick is about to give up until Carol appears, she shoots some of them, pulls Rick away and they leave together.

They are straying away from the comics so I don't know why they won't kill him off, it would be such big character development for Rick and it would be getting rid of a character nobody likes. It would still be shock value since most of us doubt he would get killed off anyway.

I mean if Darryl got offed over Carl I would be so ticked off.

Crazay1453d ago

I actually meant Glen.

But I agree that had they gotten rid of Carl last season, it could have been a huge moment for Rick BUT, then they would have had to change the whole Judith thing because if Rick lost Carl and was under the impression that Judith was dead - then Rick would no longer have anything to left to live for.

Personally, I think it's high time to lose the baby. I know that won't sit well with lots of people but honestly, how long can anyone last with a new born out there?

-Foxtrot1453d ago

Oh did you, my mistake I thought you meant Carl

They would of had to change it but thats what I meant....they should of changed it around

So later on Carol would of met up with Tyrese who has Judith much to Ricks surprised and the incident with the two girls would of happened....just Rick would of been there instead...maybe Michone would of met up with them.

"Personally, I think it's high time to lose the baby"

I agree, I only wanted her around if they decided to kill Carl off instead, something to give Rick hope and to protect but since that isn't happening they should get rid of her

They should of got Lori shot the same way in the comics but had Carl in Judiths place and then Judiths death would of happened off screen like the empty bloody basket.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1451d ago

I doubt Carl will ever be killed off. To me the TWD is really about raising Carl to be badass of the new world. Rick for sure will die at some point.

Excalibur1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

This has been debunked, that site has been known to start rumors to drive traffic to their site.

rowdyBOY1451d ago

i havent watched season 4 , i heard it was pretty bad and boring .

what happened ???

DEATHxTHExKIDx1451d ago

The first half they dealt with this whole infection in the prison which was rlly boring to me. Until the governor showed up again. The Second half of the season the group is split up which I rlly enjoyed and they try to reunite.

No_Pantaloons1451d ago

I haven't read the comics, but from what i've heard the show is has already greatly departed from it so I don't why this would be shocking.

I highly doubt they will kill darryl anytime soon though. Many fans are crazy over him (more so than the show), and might stop watching if he left, I don't see AMC taking the risk.

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