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Possible Look At Jurassic World's New "Diabolus Rex"?


We've find out the details, we've found out the name now we might have our first look at the D-Rex! Hit the jump to check out how the 'T-Rex/Raptor/Cuttlefish Spliced Dino' might possibly look in Jurassic World.

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Alxe1505d ago

doesn't look so good...

aDDicteD1505d ago

it looks ok, it is possible for them to spilce different species. i am just wondering why do they need to splice the dna of a snake? i know the cuttlefish dna is for comouflage.

Crazay1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

perhaps to replace that extra DNA sequence that was used by a frog in the original thereby disallowing them the ability to reproduce asexually?