Why is Marvel More Successful than DC?

In this article from Fanboys Anonymous, Marvel's apparent superiority over DC is examined to determine why Marvel seems to best DC at every turn. Sifting through the recent histories of their film adaptations as well as the publication histories of the original comic companies, the article proposes a few reasons for Marvel's advantage.

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-Foxtrot1510d ago

Because they actually seem to have a plan and have slowly built up towards that plan. Unlike DC who seems to have rushed head first into what they are doing.

Bad casting aswell is another problem of DC Film and TV wise while Marvel seems to get some fantastic actors which not only look the part but past work shows they are the man/woman for the job.

RetrospectRealm1510d ago

When has DC ever had bad casting? Lol

DC actually seems to be taking their time too. Marvel's already almost 10 movies in and DC has barely started. If you're gonna try to tell me how their going 'headfirst into Justice League before establishing their characters in their own films', then stop. They CAN'T copy Marvel.

DC will get there, give it time.

-Foxtrot1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Ben Affleck - Batman
Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman
Jesse Eisenberg - Lex Luthor
Grant Gustin - The Flash (Much better actors out there)
Halle Berry - Catwoman
Anne Hathaway - Catwoman (Alright but not as good)
Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern

"They CAN'T copy Marvel" there some law which prevents them to.

How is it copying anyway it would just be a logical move story wise to flesh the characters out.

Yeah DC have barley started and BAM we are getting a film, Batman vs Superman with way too many characters trying to be squeezed into it. It should of just been Man of Steel 2 based on him and Lex Luthor.

I think the only one they've nailed recently is Constantine

RetrospectRealm1510d ago

You still never answered my question of "When has DC ever had bad casting?" You just listed the cast along with people who aren't even going to be in this DC Cinematic Universe. Lmao

There is no law that prevents them from doing that, it's just if they did, it's obvious that they'd be taking cues from their rivals, which is stupid.

The Justice League cartoon didn't give Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, and everyone else their own TV show.

Just cause MoS ALSO includes Wonder Woman and Cyborg doesn't mean it's all about them too. For all we know it could be a cameo at the end.

NotALemon1510d ago

DC is just too old school. Marvel resonates more with the current generation who demand more relatable humanistic heroes and less cartoony underwear-sporting over-powered gimmicks.

McDunken1510d ago

Because Marvel has Iron Man

ToeKneeManGo1510d ago

DC is sleeping on their franchises too much and now they're panicking and trying to rush. Perhaps the blame is to put on Warner Bros not wanting to invest as much time/effort/money per year as Marvel...but DC definitely shouldn't be focused on projects that don't amount to much. How many times have they tried working out a Wonder Woman TV show, which is much more intricate than just pumping out ONE movie?