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How To Make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Better Than The Others

CBM: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 is doing really, really well...under normal film standards, with average expectations. However, given the fact SONY wanted $1 billion reactions and great critical response: this turnout has been...disappointing. The only way to make sure the franchise can return to massive profitability is to make sure the next film is better than the others. How do I think the next one could be the best Spider-Man yet? Find out my thoughts after the jump!

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Spiewie 1510d ago

They will find a way xD spidey never gets old.

crxss1509d ago

Just saw spider-man 2 again for the fourth time. It's good but they could have definitely improved some areas. One missed opportunity is using Miles instead or Jorge for the spidey fan.

Soldierone1509d ago

It wasn't a let down lol. The film made over 600m last time I checked. It's probably over 700 by now and only cost Sony like 250 to make.

It will get better when these annoying "give Marvel rights back" people shut up, and Sony gets going with their overall plans. They did what they HAD to do so far, now the fun begins.

IF Mysterio is in it, that alone will make fans go nuts!

Deadpoolio1509d ago

The whiners also like to act like Marvel has no say or input into it at all which is false as hell... And unlike Fox Sony pictures was more than willing to let Spider-man be apart of The avengers universe, but they ran out of time to put the oscorp building in it. Well time and they have said they didn't want any buildings to outshine Stark Tower

cell9891509d ago

wow I wasnt aware of this, good guy Sony needs to fire their marketing team though, they literally showed everything about ASM 2 in the trailers

LoneWolf0191509d ago

Wasn't a let down to me. Loved the movie

level 3601509d ago

Liked the movie, but also agree it left me wanting.

They really need to progress the story and stop repeating from the very beginning every time and having different takes on how Peter's uncle passing changed his outlook on becoming spidey.

StarWarsFan1509d ago

I wouldn't have minded a new director with each installment in this reboot.

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