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LeVar Burton in Tears Over Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Success

Junkie Monkeys: In the span of one day, LeVar Burton has already raised nearly two million dollars in his effort to bring back Reading Rainbow! A video of Mr. Burton’s emotional reaction when the campaign reached the million dollar threshold can be seen here.

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Lord_Sloth1510d ago

So happy for him. I used to watch this as a kid. XXXD

3-4-51510d ago

Reading Rainbow used to be an awesome show.

pop-voxuli1510d ago

Wait a minute, I thought Troy & LeVar Burton captured pirates???

quenomamen1509d ago

Pffft, screw him and his show about getting kids into reading, we want more Kimye wedding info.

cyclindk1509d ago

Reading Rainbow vs Mr. Rodgers... it's the Rainbow every time.

Though that princess chick was alright.

Sesame Street, hard to beat the sesame...