Wonder Woman Costume In Batman v Superman Movie Revealed - Details Resemble The Injustice Video Game


Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot costume in Batman Vs. Superman movie leaked online. Details of the highly-anticipated suit for the Amazonian princess was revealed by Comic Central City, claiming that the new costume will resemble the one featured in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, exactly what was issue #600 comic book costume looked like.

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Crazay1516d ago

Going this route seems to make the most sense to me and that early photo of Gal getting into a cab or whatever, kinda gave me the impression that she's a well dressed business woman and unlikely to be rocking out in her hotpants.

-Foxtrot1516d ago

Can you honestly imagine Gal, the way she looks in this kind of costume, she would look ridiculous

Crazay1516d ago

Well, she has a pretty smokin' body, but admittedly she is lacking in the chest area but that can be augmented with accessories for that.

-Foxtrot1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I think she looks alright but the woman is just too skinny. She's one of these women who won't be able to put much muscle on or weight. She showed a picture on twitter of her "work out" and she looked no differen't. The picture we saw early of her getting out of the car proved that.

She'll end up looking like someone is cosplay then actually being WW

The muscles, the weight, the stick figure and even her facial figure...she's just not Diana.

Don't get me started on her bad acting. I still believe they got her because she was cheap, as the only thing she's been in was Fast and Furious which required no acting abilities.

@EDIT - Below

"but you are far too quick to assume the worst"

Not really. I don't really think your in a position to say that to anyone. If someone can sense something coming miles away thanks to other similar actions in the movie industry over the years they've saw and experienced then you go with your gut feeling.

Even the pic of her getting out the car is fairly recent and she still looks no different from the old twitter pic. Come on you can't ignore that. Not to mention the acting problem.

I just feels like a slap dash job and they got who they could in the budget rather then someone who could actually play her. Theres many people out there.

I mean Gina Carano is not the best actress in the world but neither is Gal Gadot. If you could choose between two bad actresses where one looks like WW and one who doesn't then you'll go for the one who does.

Crazay1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

For me as someone who grew up in the 80's Lynda Carter is my Wonder Woman. She had a beautiful face and some nice womanly curves but she wasn't even remotely cut or muscular in that show.

***End Edit***

Gal is pretty thin - I agree, but we really haven't seen much/anything of her in a long while. I remember that image you're talking about with her flexing and yes, not much to it but dude, that was back in February. It's going on 4 months now since that image was put up and I'm sure she's on some insane diet of 3-5000 calories per day. Give it time. let the official images come out before casting your strong judgement and then wait until you see her in action/trailer footage.

I have no issue with you having an opinion especially if it's about something you're clearly passionate about but you are far too quick to assume the worst.

cell9891516d ago

not just the chest area, she lacks ass as well, shes just too petite. I mean compare Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four, or Halle Berry in Catwoman, Jennifer Garner in Elektra. All these women had something in common to their comic book characters portrayal....... T&A

Its sad but true

RetrospectRealm1516d ago

As I recall, the photo of Gal getting out of the car actually got people talking since you can clearly tell, her arms were a bit bigger.

Omegasyde1515d ago

I agree way too skinny.All bones with no meat.

Horrible Casting on this movie so far.

UltraNova1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Guys guys Gal is no Diana...wishing her to be wont change the fact that she looks like a fragile, girly girl form next door.

Please indulge yourselves in some real WW material right here!


If only she was an actress...oh wait Arnold wasn't, wasn't he!!? ;-)

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Porcelain_Chicken1516d ago

... First they try and make it sound like it's an official release. Then they causally mention that it's a mock-up. And then they say the real costume is supposed to look like Injustice, and then they say it looks like the completely different Issue #600 suit.


These guys can't even keep their sensationalist attention-wh@ring consistent. LOL.

Not blaming you Crazay lol. Just a terrible article that says everything and nothing. I agree with you though, Gals pretty good-lookin'! Especially nowadays where she isn't as boney.

Crazay1515d ago

I still need to see her rocking it before I make any initial thoughts. I thought she still looked small but am pretty sure she must have added some muscle weight under that outfit.

Porcelain_Chicken1515d ago

She really doesn't need alot of muscle. WW has never been a gigantic muscle-bound brute. In every comic book version she has a pretty athletic build. Of course she has always been very curvy and has had some big "proportions" here & there but which comic book heroine isn't?

Curvy isn't the defining factor for WW. As a WW fan i'm kinda bummed at only seeing complaints about Gal's bra size.

Again, that wasn't aimed at you. It was aimed more or less at the internet keyboard warriors.

JL1515d ago

Well said. I'm so tired of people getting hung up on appearance (especially with a female character's bra size etc). They're way too nitpicky. It's not like we're talking about a redheaded asian man playing wonder woman here. As long as she resembles the character (doesnt have to be absolutely exact) then it's fine. The biggest issue is making sure you have someone that can nail the persona.

It's funny. I'm not pointing fingers here but these type of people are the same type that gripe about hot girls getting roles despite the fact they cant act (for example, Megan Fox in anything). Yet they propagate the t&a by complaining about some woman's bra size or the size of her ass. Ridiculous.

MasterD9191516d ago

I don't think she was the perfect choice by any means for Wonder Woman, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and agree that WW, Batman and Superman together on screen will be pretty damn amazing.

I think they should have allowed her at least 8-10lbs more to fill out. A skinny Wonder Woman isn't appealing to the average fan of Wonder Woman...but I think she'll do just fine. I will however be quite pissed off if Gal Gadot and Affleck drop out of any sequels as that will have just been a waste. Let's hope they are committed at this point.

deadleaf981515d ago

I think unless Batman v Superman is 6 hours long its gonna be a clusterfuck of a movie.They should worry less about trying to catch up to Marvel and build their own universe over time instead of trying to cram all these characters into 1 movie.

That being said...i still can't fuckin wait for this movie.

..also that pic is just a mock up..nothing has yet been "revealed"..sorry ass clickbait headline.

Darrius Cole1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I agree with you here. Superman & Batman are both too big to cram decent stories about both of them into 2 hours. On top of all that they are going to add Wonder Woman.

Not to mention that a villain big enough for all three of them is going to need some character development of his own.

To do this movie correctly, it needs to be Lord-of-the-Rings-trilogy big. But one movie, yeah, its going to be a clusterfuck.

Porcelain_Chicken1515d ago


X2 : United had 22 heroes & villains.
Watchmen had 15.
The Dark knight had 5.

All great movies that weren't more than 3 hours long (Well Watchmen was). BvS has Supes, Bats, WW, Lex the second unnannounced rumoured villain and Vic Stones cameo. That's 6! Simple if they get a good writer and award winning Chris Terrio fits the bill.

CLOUD19831515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Compare to the original WW from comics this gal here looks almost flat in the chest ~__~ & ofc it's not only the chest she doesn't have a body full of curves at all she doesn't fit the image of WW, wtf with this choice? & btw Ben Affleck for Batman = EPIC FAIL!!!

Lord_Sloth1515d ago

Let go of the Batfleck thing already. As far as Gal as WW, I agree but for a different reason. She just doesn't look as strong as Diana should. I wanted Gina Carano.