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Giant lizards are one thing, but then you have, Godzilla – over 60 years, this mad lizard has been causing mayhem across cinemas, and has become an integral part of our culture. The latest re-make of the movie or should we say latest version; either way, Godzilla (2014), is a movie that’s just slow to catch on, but when it does, you’re in for one giant sized creature feature!

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kiranpk1517d ago

IMAX it is! Nothing else will do! Loved the scene when he shows up for the first time! the size!

kiranpk1517d ago

ok, i read that again and not what it sounds like - LOL!

gamedruid1517d ago

LOL! Size. Does. Matter. LOL!

Spiewie 1516d ago

It wasn't a great movie 4/5 is quite generous to be honest...