Frozen Passes Iron Man 3 To Become Fifth Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time Worldwide

Despite the fact that Frozen has already been released on DVD & Blu-Ray in the U.S., the film is still running in theaters in some international countries. Frozen has proven to be extremely strong at the Japanese box office, where it has brought in $193.7 million.

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AnEwGuY1511d ago

This is beyond baffling to me. I generally like most CG animated movies...especially anything Disney/Pixar related...but Frozen literally put me to sleep on my couch. My wife ended up getting a bit miffed at me, because she had to wake me up, to stop my snoring...and I'd missed almost an hour of the movie by then. I went back later and did a FFWD to the last place I remembered, and tried to watch the rest, and realized quickly why I'd fallen asleep.

aDDicteD1504d ago

Frozen deserves to surpassed ironman 3, it is the better film between the two. im glad it happened.