The Inside Story On The Divorce Between Marvel & Edgar Wright Over 'Ant-Man'


Yesterday, the shocking news dropped that Edgar Wright left Marvel's Ant-Man over creative differences. What exactly were those creative differences?

Well, after talking to sources all afternoon Friday and burning the midnight oil, I got the scoop.

For starters, let's debunk some lies that are currently making the rounds on reddit and other forums.

A) Edgar Wright got fired.

Nope. Not true at all. Get to that in a second.

B) Here is another massive lie I read...

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gigoran1518d ago

I'll wait until those involved give statements. I understand you wanting to dismiss the theories and information others are giving because it's different than that which you are sharing, but honestly, they have as much credibility as you do. You're quoting information from unnamed sources, just as they are. Who's right? Only those involved truly know. So yeah, I'll wait for them.

coolbeans1518d ago

Wow, didn't know about this until now. Very shocking news.