How Does ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Affect Wolverine’s Future?

By the end of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” the Wolverine accomplishes the mission bestowed upon him by Charles Xavier and Magneto. He’s successfully gone back in time and convinced the younger versions of Charles and Erik, along with an impressionable Mystique, to change the errors of their ways, and stop the Sentinel threat from ever occurring.

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Hergula1518d ago

I'll be honest, I am disgusted by what they have done with Wolverine in the films, so disappointed. The Hugh Jackman Wolverine, is not the Wolverine from the comics, not even close...

I like Hugh as Wolf, yet I hate the writing in most of these X-Men films, I love the First Class, best X-Men film bar none.

Porcelain_Chicken1517d ago

I kinda agree. He felt alot like Wolverine in X1 & 2. But his character kinda went downhill from there. Not Hugh's fault at all though the man is definitely committed and fits the part like a glove but at times the character itself doesn't feel very "Wolverine".

Also his hair gets smaller & lighter hue (pun intended) in every movie and the claws range from awesome looking to extremely cheap cgi.

Hergula1514d ago

You are right, it is not Hugh's fault, the writing is one of the aspects to blame though, as they are portraying him as a nice guy, and he is not a nice guy, he is an asshole that kicks ass 24/7.

Yet in most films, Wolverine is depicted as a pushover

gustave1541517d ago

Wolverine is Jackman period. But he is getting older so we will probably see a new wolvie in the next decade or so.

Hergula1514d ago

I have nothing against Jackman as Wolverine, I just feel like very few films, 2, have been able to actually give us a good wolverine.

Like The Wolverine film , recently released, was a pile of absolut carbage, compared to the potential it had... while fun to watch, it butchered Wolverine, again...

Soldierone1517d ago

I'm not trying to argue at all, just curious, why do you think that?

I read Wolverine comics and don't feel they are as far off the mark as you guys are saying. He could be a little more funny with his smart remarks, but that's about the only complaint I have. He makes mistakes, dwells on decisions, and needs a push at times. They got all that down perfectly.

Hergula1514d ago

Well for me, the issue is that Wolverine is far more violent, far more of an asshole, and he doesnt play by anyone's rules but his own. Now given, there are thousands of comics including Wolverine, and most depict him different from the other... yet he is a badass.

X-Men, the first film, was a film in which Wolverine actually behaved somehow similarly to how he should act in given situations, same for X-Men 2. Yet in X-Men 3, Origins and The Wolverine, he is portrayed too much of a pushover, he doesnt take crap from anyone and he kills people much easier than shown in the film.

But my biggest issues, Wolverine is still a superhero, he has hightened hearing, sense of smell, high level combat skills, yet these are rarely shown. We are merely treated to a Wolverine that can heal himself up and has adamantium skeleton and claws. Yet these barely describe the wolverine I know, he needs to have his animalistic traits to even make sense in X-Men films.

Now dont get me wrong, I am going on and on right now, but I like the X-Men franchise, given they should focus more on other X-Men than just Wolverine, I feel like they are moving in the right direction with Days of Future Past.

What is your take on it?