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Gareth Edwards Still Attached to Godzilla Sequel

CS: With Gareth Edwards success leading into the universe of Star Wars, where does that leave the revived King of the Monsters and his blazing new franchise? Rest assure, Gareth Edwards is still keeping the nuclear tyrant close to him.

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Hergula1515d ago

I for one liked Godzilla (2014), making me look forward to the sequel, which I am hope will be brilliant.

Arcee1514d ago

I completely agree with you Hergula. I loved the film and I am hoping that Edwards returns to make the sequel. There is so much to explore with the franchise that, if done correctly, could lead to a string of films.

Hergula1512d ago

Exactly, it was the perfect first film, and somehow I feel that some reviewers are being a bit too harsh on it, expecting more fighting from Godzilla and all that, but they had to make a solid first film to even be able to get people interested, which they were thankfully succesful in.

Blacktric1514d ago

Wow. Finally a Godzilla related newspiece that doesn't have someone saying something about how little he was in the movie and how it sucked.

I also can't wait to see the sequels. I hope they can get the rights to use another classic Toho monster.

Hergula1512d ago

I agree, I was actually shocked to see so many reviewers online giving the Godzilla (2014) film a mediocre score, when I actually feel it is more like a 8 or 9 out of 10 with ease.

I loved the film, got chills running down my spine at certain moments, it was magical, it honestly was.

PS. loved that the first time they brought up Godzilla in the film, they let Watanabe say that the monster is called Gojira, the original Japanese name. beautifully done.

KingPin1514d ago

this movie was meh.
i dont know, personally im tired of watching american movies where they go on like they so organized and tactical and oh-we-so-good. this movie was like if there was a monster attack, check how good americans are. annoying really.

instead of watching the action on the news in the background, i'd prefer to have watched it as the main event.

aDDicteD1506d ago

i do hope the director returns for the sequel, he did a fantastic job. This film is great and godzilla's screen time was not as bad as what some people say, i would rather see him with a moderate screen time but with a lot of screen presence rather than the other way around.