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CGM Reviews: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Days Of Future Past isn’t just the best X-men movie to date, in many ways it feels like the first real X-Men movie. Back when this franchise started in 2000 and a Marvel Comics movie adaptation was considered a risky proposition, director Bryan Singer and co. didn’t really have the resources to deliver an X-Men adventure with the sheer scale of the comics. Even worse, the movies were dragged down by countless character introductions and the need to ground the series in relatable human reality to sell the concept to unfamiliar viewers. Thankfully, the filmmakers assembled a brilliant cast (and then a second excellent cast in X-Men: First Class). So now, 14 years later Bryan Singer has returned to the series he created and can finally produce an X-Men movie done just right. Even better, audiences are so familiar with the franchise now that he doesn’t have to waste a second on backstory and can dive right into the adventure (just like any young reader who jumps into a comic book series midstream.

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