TVF Gang Related Review: Win-Win

Gang Related takes the familiar tale of a cop who goes undercover in a gang to bring it down on its head.

This is the story of a young boy, Ryan Lopez, who lost his father at a young age and was taken in by gang leader, Javier Acosta, and raised to be a cop. Based on the tone of Gang Related Season 1 Episode 1, it's going to be a dark tale full of difficult decisions and competing allegiances.

I sympathize with Ryan's desire to do what's right for himself, his family and the task force. He's been able to balance his loyalties so far, but with Chapel's new initiative to go after family members, his mission will get much more murky.

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alycakes1520d ago

We watched it last night and it was pretty good. I will continue to watch as long as it keeps the story interesting.