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What Was the X-Men: Days of Future Past Post-Credits Stinger All About?

8CN: In the proud tradition of comic book movies before it, X-Men: Days of Future Past had a post-credits stinger scene.

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Soldierone1519d ago

It's pretty obvious what it was about.


Basically by erasing what the previous movies messed up, it opens a door for a certain extremely (already announced) movie/villain/event! This was basically just letting us know, yep IT IS COMING AND IT WILL BE GREAT! haha

ironfist921518d ago

I hope Apocalypse (the film) is huge. Like scenes which make you go HOLY F*CKING SH*T!

I enjoyed the intimacy and development of the characters these past few films, but I really want them to go OTT with Apocalypse.

aDDicteD1510d ago

in the post credits scene, Apocalypse looks small and skinny, i hope they make him big, mean and menacing with strong armory like in the comics. i do not want to see an apocalypse that is just as tall as wolverine and the others.