38 Mystique Transformations In X-Men

First X-Men movie was released in 2000 and till now things have been changed a lot but there is only thing that ties almost every entry in the series together: Mystique

Whether played by Rebecca Romjin or Jennifer Lawrence (or any of the dozens of people she morphs into), Mystique remains a fan favorite, delivering some of the most badass moments of the franchise.

So, in anticipation of what will likely be a ton of awesome Mystique moments in “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” we’ve found all 38 of Mystique’s on-screen shape-shifts in the “X-Men” movies and put them all into one transformative mashup.

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Alxe1493d ago

:(.... she was beautiful...

Porcelain_Chicken1492d ago

Yeah :(

Rebecca Romjin > Jennifer Lawrence

IMHO. I liked Rebecca's voice & make-up alot more.