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Will We See A Trilogy Like The Lord of the Rings Again?

Pause The Screen Writes"To say i am a fan of The Lord of the Rings is an understatement. The trilogy of films which were directed by Peter Jackson changed the way Fantasy as a genre is put on the big screen. To this date no fantasy film has won 11 academy awards in which it was nominated in all, tying it with Ben Hur and Titanic for most academy awards in history."

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ironfist921515d ago

Mass Effect trilogy would make for an epic film saga rivalling that of Star Wars and possible LotR if its done right.

Its got a rich story, amazing characters, worlds, aliens, so much.

TylerValdal1515d ago

Mass Effect would be a amazing trilogy of films that universe is so dense with story that it would have to be done in 3 films or even more