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Zack Snyder's Man of Steel Follow-Up Titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

From Cinelinx:

For a long time now, we've been referring to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel as Batman vs. Superman, though there wasn't any official word that that was the case. Today however, while announcing the start of principle production on the superhero team-up movie, Warner Bros. has finally unveiled the official title! Come inside to check it out, plus the new logo.

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darklordzor1516d ago

I could see why some people aren't overly thrilled with the title, but it's not horrible either. Just not very exciting.

Vames1516d ago

The title is all about making that billion dollar at the box office. The only part I like is Dawn of Justice......League ;) I'm surprised they still went with the logo idea they had from I Am Legend.

ironfist921516d ago

I hate the fact Batman gets top billing for a SUPERMAN SEQUEL.

I love Batman as much as the next guy, but he's becoming quite obnoxious in his over exposure. There are dozens of other amazing characters in DC universe, yet WB feels the need to shoehorn Batman in everthing possible.

And the VS is what throws me off the most. Why is the greatest superhero duo in history have a title in which they are supposedly fighting each other in some sort of Boxing Match?

I wouldve preferred Superman/Batman: World's Finest, but Superman/Batman: Dawn of Justice wouldve sufficed.

Vames1515d ago

I see where you're coming from, but why do we still view this as a Man of Steel sequel? It isn't you know. Dawn of Justice is its own movie, a movie that will introduce the Justice League.

A Man of Steel sequel will come after.

Hergula1515d ago

I am still wondering what they were thinking when putting Batman into a Superman film... are they just giving us a preview of the Justice League of trying to build it up?

I feel like the Man of Steel Superman film was mediocre-good, that's it, it needs solid sequel, where more focus is put on Clark Kent, and not Bruce Wayne, I feel that is unfair for Superman to have to share the screen with multiple heroes in its second film...