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Arrow: “Birds Of Prey” Review | GeekedOutNation

Following several below-standard episodes, Arrow came back swinging with an excellent episode, Birds of Prey, featuring the return of Frank Bertenelli and his daughter, Helena, aka The Huntress. With only six more episodes left this season, things are starting to heat up.

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StarWarsFan1716d ago

It got dumb when Sara's sister didn't recognize her in a mask right beside her. Then again, Arrow only had a hood at one point, but he usually kept his distance.

AnEwGuY1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

That's a common problem with DC comics...people in the DC universe are generally stupid. As long as you have on a pair of glasses, or a wig, you don't even need a true costume/disguise. ◔_◔

calis1716d ago

It's a TV show, most of the time you need to suspend belief.

Though I dont agree with Arrow having several below standard episodes recently.