Avengers: Age Of Ultron Begins Filming Snowy Action Sequences In Italy

CBM: There isn't much to jump up and down for, but photos and details are here from the first day of filming for The Avengers: Age of Ultron in Italy, which involved a snowy landscape, the military and more.

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Kaneda1791d ago

Hollywood should stop with Super Hero movies. Like every summer, getting boring!

pompombrum1791d ago

As long as there is demand, they'll keep making them. Sort of agree though, They used to be rare and special but now there is far too many.

mafiahajeri1790d ago

Highly disagree, especially incase of avengers.

aDDicteD1790d ago

this is the golden age of superhero movies. i do not see it stopping anytime soon. marvel will still have phase 3 avengers until 2018 and it can even go beyond as long as it is successful, FOX and SONY would also have more xmen, fantastic four and spiderman films along the way. and let us not forget that DC is also doing major works with justice league.

LackTrue4K1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

comic books have a LOOOOOOOOOOOT
of story's to tell, i really don't see that happening, unless you've read all of DC/Marvel comic's....

Soldierone1790d ago

To be honest I hardly go to the movies for anything else.

It's either superhero movies (which are generally awesome) or a movie with similar explosions, no story, and tons of CG effects.... lol

Porcelain_Chicken1790d ago

Out of the hundreds of movies that release every year, 2-3 are superhero movies. It's not like we're getting flooded with a new one every month. So no.

Also from 1960-1980 we had 20 years worth of spaghetti westerns. Musicals blew up around 1929 and have remained strong for 85 years. And from the 40's till now mobster/gangster movies have held their ground (74 years). Sure there's the Donner Supeeman's & the Burton Batman's but the superhero film era didn't truly blow up until 2008 with the release of The dark knight & Iron man. 2008-2014 is barely 6 years pal. Brace yourself for another 40 years.

LOL. Rant over.

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punisher991791d ago

Age of Ultron? So can I assume that Giant-man and Wasp are gonna make their debut. No Hank Pym, no Ultron.

Baka-akaB1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Nope . They might appears there or in Avenegrs 3 because of the Ant Man movie , but in the cinematic universe , Ultron and Vision will be born out of Stark's Jarvis AI .

Simon_Brezhnev1790d ago

wow didnt know that lol. I like Vision but i always hated Ultron.

Baka-akaB1790d ago

At least it still make sense . Aside from purists and readers like myself feeling miffed , it doesnt matter wich genius built ultron ultimately ... but Vision and him should be tied as "father and son".

punisher991786d ago


Thats really stupid. For the record im not calling you stupid. But its stupid how these film directors and writers keep making stuff up and ruining characters.

Agent_hitman1790d ago

Wow can't wait top see this movie, though I thought that Thanos will be the primary Antagonist in this film but uh, I guess this film will be epic as always.